Signature collection will fail

The collection of signatures for the second basic income initiative will unfortunately fail, although the approval on the street was mostly positive.

It is fundamentally difficult to lead a federal signature collection to success as an independent citizen:inside movement with a small budget. Other reasons why the collection of our initiative was not successful are manifold. Tonight we will meet for the first time for the analysis.

The unconditional basic income will remain topical. In Lucerne and Bern there are initiatives in parliament, there are privately organized basic income projects like the

An unconditional basic income is an insurance against fear, dependence and poverty. This is what our society needs in order to master the crises that challenge us as a society. Our collection of signatures for an unconditional basic income will therefore certainly not remain the last one in Switzerland.

We will probably hand over the collected signatures to the Federal Chancellery on time in March. We expect to be able to submit about 70’000 signatures (please send in collected signatures now!). We will get back to you.

Thank you very much for your commitment!

Sad greetings
Raffael Wüthrich
(for the whole core team and the initiative committee)